The Walking Undead

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Falcons Hollow Issues

Falcons Hollow and environs personages/issues
Jarvis, dairy farmer and necromancer, went to school with the foes raising the dead. Retained party for various services. Seems to be combating the evil forces, doing research.
Provided the party with quickrot, to use to prevent corpses from being reanimated.
Sasha, gunslinger hired by Jarvis for protection. Took trophy of Ogre’s head, offered to train us in ways of the gun.

Lydia, cleric in town, selling at cost potions to party for reward in combatting plague

Sherrif Belson, good man, may be in over his head with coming evil

Boss Tatum, lumber mill exec, only interested in his own profit

Caden, bartender/ inn owner / dwarf, providing free lodging and meals to the party in reward for saving his kin/townsfolk

The League of the Undead – name by Jarvis of necromantic foes, seems to be using this area for a testing ground.

Black Blood Covenant – cult that exploits pestillence, worships Pale Princess of Pestillence. May be a source for
spreading of disease and death…combined with League of Undead, could be catastrophic.

5 children in town kidnapped by the kobolds…who appear to be holding up under the old brewery near the old monastery.


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